Start your journey to become a professional Drone Pilot today. 

Only £495 No Hidden Costs! 



You want to become a commercial drone operator? Now could not be a better time to start your career in the drone industry with our amazingly priced NQE, PfCO course.

Our course will provide you with all the required elements needed to apply for your own permissions with the UK CAA. 

The full BRO course is offered at just £495 per person at our Bruntingthorpe site which we believe represents amazing value for money. However, if this location is not on your doorstep and would prefer somewhere a little closer to home, we do offer a ‘Bespoke BRO Option‘. This allows companies, small groups or individuals to select a venue much closer to home or even in your workplace* from just £695. (*Subject to suitability) 


Starting with the home study module, which you can learn at your own pace, and the creation of your Operations Manual, Our ‘Op’s manual guidance’ documents and support will help you to get your manual finished and reviewed ready for the next phase.


When your ready, you book onto the 2 day ground school and flight assessment part of the course, held in the WWII control Tower at Bruntingthorpe. BRO courses are run at the Bruntingthorpe venue at least once a month and can be booked at a convenient date once you have completed the ‘home learning‘ elements. 

So what do you get for £495? 


* Interactive BRO Coursebook 

* Online Learning Videos 

* Online Mock Theory Exam 

* Online Candidate Folder 

* BRO Course Guidance Document 

* Operations Manual Review Process 

* 1 Day Theory Ground School Course 

* Theory Exam 

* Operations Manual Creation Guidance Document 

* ½ Day Practical Skills Training 

* Practical Skills Assessment 


If you need any more help please get in touch and we will do our best to advise you in any way we can.