Aerial mapping or surveying using UAV is a cost effective, accurate and efficient way for generating mapping. 

Eagle Air has been supplying high resolution, accurate aerial services to professionals such as land surveyors, engineers, farmers and developers for over 10 years.


We can map everything, from linear features such as roads, pipelines and power lines to areas of hundreds of hectares. All our aircraft carry high resolution commercial grade survey sensors, professional photogrammetry survey software.

Eagle Air  has further capacity not only for aerial surveys but as an inspection and reporting service. This function may be used for structural reporting of bridges, power-line inspections, etc. We routinely undertake plant health or NDVI surveys for our farming clients, providing valuable information re. crop status and potential yields.

Using UAV for mapping, reporting and inspections is becoming a global trend. Clients are realising the power of an aerial perspective and the associated data collected. Such an efficient retrieval of “big data” is fast understood as a snapshot in time that can be used for a wide variety of measurements and reporting functions. This is all done at an affordable, efficient, safe and accurate manner.

Our Customers:

Aggregates (stockpile measurement surveys)

Construction (topographic point cloud surveys)

Oil & Gas (right-of-way surveys, topographic point cloud surveys, dike surveys)

Utilities (right-of-way surveys & topographic point cloud surveys)

Environmental Engineering (topographic point cloud surveys)

Cultural Resource Manage