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Has DJI Killed off Go Pro ?

Action Camera manufacturer GoPro has stopped the production and further development of the Karma drone. According to the company, the market for drones is 'too competitive' and the strict regulations for drones in the US and Europe have led to a 'hostile climate'.

In the very near future staff will be laid off, with the Go Pro company considerably cutting its workforce. Last week an internal memo was leaked in which an announcement was revealed detailing that a few hundred GoPro staff involved in the division dedicated to production of the Karma drone were going to be dismissed.

During the presentation of the quarterly figures, CEO Nick Woodman announced that production of the drone would cease. The current supply of Karma drones will still be sold, after which GoPro will withdraw from the drone market. He gave the reassurance that current users of the drone can still count on support and warranty.

In his own words, Nick Woodman spoke of how GoPro quickly achieved a 'second place' in the market for drones, but that this apparently did not suffice to be able to make sufficient turnover with the product. In addition to the cut-throat competition, the increasingly stringent regulations currently in place for consumer drones ultimately forced the decision to withdraw from the drone manufacturing market.

Fall out of the sky

Apparently the situation was also not helped by the fact that shortly after its introduction at the end of 2016, the Karma was plagued by a design error, in that the drones sometimes spontaneously fell out of the sky, totally out of the blue. An additional factor was that a week after the launch of Karma,

DJI announced the birth of the Mavic Pro, which immediately pushed sales of GoPro down the pecking order in the competitive consumer market

DJI Mavic Pro

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